Landscaping solutions to suit your taste

Papa Landscape offers turnkey landscape maintenance packages for businesses and private residences

Landscaping solutions


Landscape Design & Landscape Architecture

Papa Landscape’s designers and architects will listen to your ideas, consider your budget, and provide design options customized to suit your needs. Let Papa’s expert landscapers help you to develop a beautiful landscape plan.

Landscape Installation & Plant Selection

As experts in horticulture, Papa Landscape can combine the science of aesthetics of design and incorporate ideas from our clients. We assure you that we will create for you masterful landscape installations that not only enhance the beauty of your property, but also add value. We understand the complexities of The Eastern Oklahoman soil types, rainfall amounts and extreme temperature swings. We’ll apply this knowledge to create for you one-of-a-kind landscape designs. We look forward to being given the opportunity to help you achieve the landscape you’ve always dreamed of.

Seasonal/General Landscape Services

  • Bulbs, Annual Flowerbeds
  • Mulch materials made of hardwood, black, brown, red, pine straw etc.
  • Sod, Seed
  • Topsoil, Fill Dirt, Gravel/Aggregate
  • Irrigation planning, installation and winterization
  • Leaf Blowing, Christmas Light installation, Debris Removal
  • Pruning, Tree Service, Stump Removal
  • Stump Grinding, Root Removal
  • Flexible Maintenance Contracts (Turn-Key Annual or Simi Annual landscape service plans)

Lawn Mowing & Yard Maintenance

Papa Landscape offers yard maintenance packages for businesses and homeowners. Our lawn mowing and yard maintenance packages can be customized to your schdule and budget.

  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing & Trimming
  • Flowerbed Fertilization Schedule
  • Lawn Aeration & Overseeding
  • Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control
  • Grass Control
  • Grass Seeding
Retaining Walls, Steps & Elevation Change

Professionally installed retaining walls create usable, level ground and help prevent erosion. They can also be a perfect landscape border to give your property a more refined look. We are experts at front door entryways, multi-leveled yards and anything from detailed stairways to stacked stone steps. Our irrigation expertise can also help to eliminate poor drainage issues—just ask!

privet hedge deergrass skirt crop

Waterfalls, Fountains & Garden Ponds

Add the luxurious spender and the relaxing element of water to your landscapeing with a professionally installed water oriented creation by Papa Landscape.

  • Waterfalls, manmade streams/brooks
  • Fountains and water sculptures
  • Koi ponds, garden ponds, reflection pools

For a more complete design, be sure to include outdoor lighting as a way to add interest to your water feature at night.

Drainage Systems

  • French drains
  • PVC and corrugated drain installation
  • Runoff control/collection
  • Permeable paving
  • Drain/water problem correction

Irrigation Systems

  • Single- and multi-zone irrigation systems
  • Auto/manual controls
  • Secondary water meters
  • Rainwater/runoff irrigation systems

Landscape Lighting Design

The beauty of landscaping continues around the clock. Lighting is both welcoming and memorable. Let us create a 24 hour showcase property with the simple addition of landscape lighting that will highlight your home and garden at night. Our designers can help to create your layout and plan.

  • Both Hard-wired and solar Accent lights, tree lighting, Stand alone lamps
  • Lighting for water exhibits, path illumination
, outdoor living spaces