Lawn Services

We are market leaders in the field and no one can handle the job better than us

You’d appreciate the fact that plants need regular nurturing and pampering in their initial years. So we take up the responsibility of weekly Lawn Maintenance on your behalf. We take care of the Lawn’s appearance as well as health. You can compare it with nanny services. You can rely for your lawn on us just like you rely on a Nanny for your kids. We understand the language of the lawn like a mother understands the child. In the pursuit of Lawn maintenance we do:

  • Fertilization: An opulent, rich green lawn nurtures on healthy soil. Papascape checks the soil keeps the soil fertile
  • Pest Control: Preventive Pest control is the best cure. But pests in your lawn are a nuisance. They can seriously impact its health. Papascapes can help you in both situations.
  • Weed control: Landscape management professionals from Papascape will help remove existing weeds and also work to prevent them from taking hold.
  • Aeration: the experience tells us that sometimes soil compaction is too dense that it makes it difficult for the grass to absorb the proper nutrients. Aeration of soil holds the key.