Weed Control & Fertilization

For a Healthy Garden ask us for Weed Control and Fertilization

For a healthy garden ask us for Weed control and fertilization. Our expert team on the subject will guide you while doing the job for you. Please admit it; you need your garden in vibrant shades of green all year round. With scheduled or on-demand treatments Papascapes your grass will stay healthy and vibrant all year. Lawn care is much more than regular watering and mowing.

Maintaining a lush green garden takes something EXTRA and not sheer love. The Papscapes put in that EXTRA in your love. The seas of green beauty in the gardens of our clients are our testimonies. You need only simple logic to understand that DIY in using fertilizers is comparable to self-medication; it can be detrimental to your and your garden’s health. More than anything else quantity of fertilizers can cause some legal hassles as well.

  • When you hire Papascapes for fertilization and weed control service you can expect:
  • On-ground assessment and recommendations for upgrading and treatment of garden.
  • Treatment to eliminate weeds.
  • Preventive treatment of weeds is a regular feature of scheduled services.
  • Advice and application of insecticide to stop common garden pests.
  • Treatment of diseases to stop the spread of the diseases and prevent further damage